As the owner of a business or home in Tremont Park GA, you might be wondering how to increase the energy efficiency of your building so that you can save on utility expenses in this new year. Since 1986, our experts at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning have offered expert support in helping home and business owners in all types of HVAC service needs. Consider these energy efficient ideas from our seasoned professionals to help you achieve efficient heating and air in Tremont Park GA.

Energy Efficiency Ratings
When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your home or business, it helps to understand what energy efficiency ratings mean. If your home or building has a heat pump, it has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently the equipment heats or cools. Furnaces are rated using the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) system, which is a measure of what percent of the consumed energy is converted into heat. Today’s newest heat pumps offer a SEER of 13 and higher, while today’s furnaces offer AFUE ratings of 80 percent or better.

Energy Star Rated Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment
Consumers in need of a new or replacement heating and air conditioning system often seek out Energy Star rated equipment. Energy Star ratings are awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy and are only given to systems that have proven to have superior performance with minimal energy waste. Heating and cooling equipment with the Energy Star seal will consume less energy in its efforts to heat or cool your home or business.

Preventive Maintenance
Even if your home or business is outfitted with the most energy efficient equipment on the market, you will not realize the peak efficiency unless the equipment is kept in optimal condition. The best way to keep your HVAC system working at its peak level of performance is to schedule regular preventive maintenance each spring and fall. During the spring and fall tune-up service, our heating and cooling service technicians will clean and lubricate all mechanical parts, check fluid levels, clean dirt and debris from the system’s coils and replace the air filter. We can also show you how to replace the air filter between service visits.

Importance of Prompt Repairs
Arranging for prompt service at the first sign of a heat pump or furnace malfunction is of utmost importance. A system in disrepair will consume more energy than it otherwise would in its attempts to heat or cool your indoor environment. An issue as simple as a clogged air filter could increase energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent each month. When your system needs service, we offer emergency service throughout the Tremont Park GA area.

Installation Considerations
After 10 to 20 years of regular use, your heating and cooling equipment will reach the end of its expected lifespan and need to be replaced. When considering the installation of a new HVAC system, there are many factors that impact energy efficiency, including:

  • System capacity. We will visit your home or building to calculate the ideal system capacity for efficient heating and cooling. Excess capacity means excess energy consumption, while insufficient capacity means your indoor environment will not be as comfortable as you desire.
  • Motor options. Heat pumps and furnaces offer motor options such as multi-speed and variable speed that reduces energy consumption and improves indoor comfort.
  • Programmable thermostats. When installing new HVAC equipment, do not forget to have a programmable thermostat installed as well. Programmable thermostats allow for automated temperature control even while you are away. Use the programmable thermostat to decrease the amount of heat used during the winter and air conditioning used in the summer. For every degree that the thermostat is lowered in the winter or increased in the summer, you can save one percent on your monthly utility costs.

Energy Efficient Home and Building Improvements
Upgrading your HVAC equipment to the most efficient system possible will not result in any savings if your home or building lets air leak in and out of the walls, roof and foundation. Making some of these basic improvements will make your structure more efficient.

  • Seal around door and window frames. Caulking and weatherstripping are inexpensive and easy to apply even for beginners.
  • Increase insulation. Make sure your home or building has the recommended R-value of insulation in the walls and attic space.
  • Check for cracks in the foundation. Use the appropriate type of filler to seal any cracks.
  • Use thermal curtains or blinds. In the winter, these keep the cold out and in the summer they keep the heat out of your home or business.
  • Consider upgrading windows. Older single-paned windows are not as efficient as today’s multi-paned options.

When you are looking for the most energy efficient heating and air in Tremont Park GA, our team of dedicated professionals is here for you. At Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, our heating and air conditioning experts offer expert advice, high efficiency HVAC products and exceptional services to boost your home or commercial building’s energy efficiency. Our years of experience and service to the community have allowed us to build a solid reputation for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. For more information on energy efficient ideas, products and services for your home, all you need to do is make a call to our service department.

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