There are lots of furnace adjustments and upgrades you can make that will improve indoor comfort levels in your Pooler, GA, home. These adjustments can also help save money on your heating expenses. It’s important to note that the majority of furnace adjustments should be left in the hands of a professional, not only for money-saving reasons but for safety purposes as well. Changing the air filter and installing a programmable thermostat are effective furnace adjustments that can improve winter comfort.

Install a New Air Filter

First and foremost, you need to change the air filter at least once a month during the winter to improve indoor comfort levels. In fact, changing the air filter this often should be a year-round goal. A dirty air filter restricts the efficiency of your heating system. The longer you go without changing it, the more inefficient the system becomes. Change it at least once a month to maintain good efficiency.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to automate temperature changes. You can set the temperature to be warm and cozy in the home while you’re there and at a lower more moderate temperature while you’re away. A programmable thermostat not only improves indoor comfort but it also extends the life of your system because the furnace won’t work so hard to heat your home around the clock.

Replace the System

A big adjustment that you may need to make to improve winter comfort in your home is to replace the entire system. This only applies if the system is nearing the 15th-year mark since its installation and if a repair is going to cost more than 25 percent of its value. A professional HVAC specialist can inspect the system to see if it needs to be replaced.

Install Zoned Heating

Another great furnace adjustment to make is to install zoned heating. With this type of heating, you can heat the rooms in your home on an individual basis. This is particularly beneficial in larger homes if you have rooms that tend to stay unoccupied, such as guests rooms or basement areas. A professional HVAC contractor can assess your home to see if zoned heating will be a good fit.

Prevent Drafts

You can also improve winter comfort in your home by inspecting the home for air drafts. Make sure to check carefully around all doors and windows. If you notice any air leaking through, this means cold air is making its way into your home which makes it harder on the furnace to heat your home. Replacing worn out weatherstrips is a great way to remedy this problem. An HVAC specialist can perform a whole-home inspection to ensure all air leaks are taken care of.

Use a Humidifier

During the winter time, the air outside is naturally drier. As the air makes its way into your home, you’ll notice less moisture in the home. This can cause discomfort by resulting in dry skin and cracked lips. Along with using plenty of moisturizer and Chapstick during the winter, you can also run a humidifier to put moisture back into the air. A professional HVAC specialist can asses your furnace and determine whether connecting a whole-home humidifier to it will be of benefit.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Along with adjustments, your furnace needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it is operating with optimal efficiency. Because working on a furnace and cleaning it can be dangerous, it’s always a good idea to leave those tasks in the hands of a professional. Ideally, you will have the furnace cleaned at least once before you turn it on. It’s also a good idea to have it cleaned after you shut it off for the year. You’ll also want to invest in regular duct cleaning to improve indoor comfort levels.

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