Many homes in and around Pooler, GA have crawlspaces, especially older homes. Though you may not realize it, quite a lot of the cool air produced by your AC can escape through that space, which causes you to run it more and spend more money. Check out the importance of insulating your crawlspace and how it can help you and your family in the long run.

What Is a Crawlspace?

A crawlspace is essentially a small area within your home that is hard to access. It usually lacks any type of insulation and may have dirt floors. This space sits below the first floor of your home and above the ground.

The name comes from the fact that these areas are so short that you cannot stand upright in them. Anyone who uses the space must crawl on their hands and knees. If the ceiling is five feet high or taller, the space becomes a basement.

Insulate Against Bad Weather

While your climate may be mild, you know that storms can pass through that bring high winds and cold temperatures. Insulating the crawlspace under your home helps protect against bad weather. You won’t need to worry about your whole home feeling cold just because of a storm.

Avoid Pests

Many crawlspaces have dirt floors that make it easier for pests to find a way into your home. Some of the pests you might worry about include squirrels and mice, both of which seek out warm spaces in the fall as the temperature changes. You may also find some insects such as roaches that enter through the crawlspace and find ways around your home, but insulating it will help keep them out.

Avoid All Types of Damage

Crawlspaces often have dirt floors, but even if you have flooring in that space, damages can still occur. As there is nothing to protect the space from the water outside, it can easily drip through your foundation or other open areas. Condensation buildup occurs when you don’t have insulation.

Improve Air Quality

You probably never knew that your crawlspace was filled with particles that can easily reach other areas of your home, especially as your AC blows. Toxic materials can also reach your family when rodents gain access to the space and build nests or homes there. Insulating your crawlspace can improve the indoor air quality of your home almost immediately because it removes some of those particles and blocks out rodents.

Make Your HVAC System Last Longer

While insulating the crawlspace may reduce your energy costs, it can also make your HVAC system last longer. Your AC doesn’t need to run all day, every day to help you avoid the bad weather outside. The new insulation might help you get a few extra years out of your system.

More Storage

One benefit you might not think about is that it gives you more storage. Even if you have solid floors in your crawlspace, you probably don’t want to risk what could happen if you stored boxes and totes there. Insulation gives you peace of mind and lets you know that you can use the space for extra storage without damaging anything you keep in there.

Feel Comfortable in Your Home

Since 1986, Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning has been transforming local homes with outstanding HVAC products and five-star customer service. Allow our team to do the same in your home. Learn about the benefits of insulating your crawlspace today. Reach out to one of our NATE-certified technicians now, and they’ll go over the entire process with you. We look forward to working with you and making your home even more comfortable.

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