Regardless of how much you work on your Savannah, Georgia, home, there’s probably room for improvement when it comes to your HVAC system. With the advent of YouTube videos, do-it-yourself blogs, and other easily accessible online resources, Americans have become a DIY society. Although plenty of useful information and starting points are available online, nothing can replace the life-long knowledge of an expert. 

You’re Delaying The Inevitable

If your contractor comes out twice a year to repair your HVAC system, he’s probably thinking you’re delaying the inevitable. A new system is a significant investment and probably not where a homeowner wants to spend their hard-earned cash. However, if you’re getting your system fixed regularly, then you’re probably just spending money on a system that’s not going to last. When a system ages, it starts to wear down. Even the best contractor can’t completely restore a system that’s long past its prime. 

HVAC contractors don’t mind fixing your system, but you’re spending a lot of money getting it fixed. If it gives out in the heat of summer, then you might end up paying for emergency maintenance at a higher pricetag as well. Finally, unmaintained units and systems that are aged 10 older pull more energy. Investing in a new system will save you money on repairs and even more money on your utility bills. 

Yes, You Really Do Need Preventive Maintenance

When your contractor offers you a preventive maintenance agreement and you decline, he’s likely thinking about all the money you could save by signing up. People know and accept that they need to change the oil in their car but are wary about giving their HVAC system a tuneup. A tuned up system runs more efficiently, which will show in your utility bills. The system will last longer if it’s been regularly tuned up as well.

Besides a better-running HVAC system, you’re also alerted to the health on your system through preventive maintenance. If there is a small issue, your technician will catch it before it becomes catastrophic. If your system is aging, your HVAC contractor can recommend researching new systems instead of you having to buy one suddenly. Finally, there are other perks like discounts when you sign up for a maintenance agreement. 

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Thermostat

If your HVAC contractor walks into your home and you haven’t updated to a digital thermostat, he might raise an eyebrow. An upgraded thermostat is a small investment with significant savings potential. You might just be comfortable with your thermostat or haven’t thought to replace it, but you could save a lot of money. 

With a programmable thermostat, the temperature is precise. You won’t see large swings in temperature that you might by adjusting a traditional thermostat. You also can program your thermostat, like the name suggests, to change temperatures while you are away during the day or when you’re asleep at night, saving you more energy in your home. 

Your Home Probably Isn’t As Efficient As You Think

Without a home energy audit, it’s difficult to know if your home is efficient. It’s very easy to miss elements that make your home less efficient. The insulation in your attic, the cracks under your doors, and even your thermostat all make significant differences in the efficiency of your home. Even if you’re on top of all that, it’s hard to tell when your ducts are leaking or your HVAC system is wasting energy. If you’re really serious about saving energy in your home, get a home energy audit so you can know that your home is as efficient as you think. 

Your HVAC contractor can also help make suggestions of things you’ve never even considered. If the sun hits your directly home for extended periods during the day, you might consider landscaping with shade trees to make your home more efficient. Even changing your fans to rotate the other way in the winter can save you money. Finally, an entirely different HVAC system, such as a ductless system, might make a huge difference in your home efficiency. 

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