Energy Star HVAC appliances offer several benefits for environmentally conscious homeowners, as well as cost-conscious buyers. If you need to replace the furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC component in your Bryan County, Georgia home, don’t discount the advantages of buying products that boast the Energy Star logo.

The financial benefits of Energy Star HVAC systems are often touted in the media. However, there are practical benefits, as well. To help you make your decision, consider these important benefits.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Summers in Georgia can soar well into the 90s (and occasionally surpass the 100-degree mark). In the winter, temperatures can sink below freezing, putting more strain on your heating system. If you have Energy Star HVAC appliances, however, you won’t see that extra work reflected in your utility bills.

Since Energy Star appliances require less energy to operate, they save you money on your monthly expenses. The exact savings depends on the model and the type of home you own, but you can count on seeing a difference. Most models, such as the Infinity 21 Central Air Conditioner from Carrier, use two-stage compression so your system never works harder than necessary to maintain the temperature on your thermostat.

Create a Positive Impact on the Environment

An Energy Star HVAC system not only uses less energy, but also releases fewer greenhouse-gas emissions. This reduces the appliance’s impact on the environment and the climate, which ultimately creates a safer, healthier world. When shopping for an HVAC system, look for the Energy Star logo as well as the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

Modern air conditioners are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13. Generally speaking, higher SEER numbers equate to better energy efficiency. You can also look for the EER, which refers to the high temperature rating. Energy Star recommends EER ratings of at least 11.6.

You can further decrease your HVAC system’s impact on the environment by keeping the system well-maintained. Change your air filter on a regular basis, hire a maintenance technician to inspect your system twice a year, and call your HVAC company about any problems you notice between their scheduled visits.

You should also consider buying a programmable thermostat. You’ll gain more control over the temperature in your home as well as the amount of energy your HVAC appliances consume.

Enjoy Enhanced Home Comfort

To gain Energy Star approval, HVAC appliances must be precise, efficient, and well-made. They help you keep the temperature in your home as consistent as possible. This is especially true of an Energy Star-certified home, but every Energy Star appliance you purchase contributes to your home’s comfort level.

To capitalize on this benefit, ask your HVAC company to conduct a load calculation on your home prior to installing the system. This process tells them exactly what size air conditioner and furnace you need to efficiently heat and cool your home.

You can also hire an HVAC professional to conduct an energy audit. An audit reveals any aspects of your home’s construction and infrastructure that might cause heat loss or gain. Your HVAC technician may discover that you need to insulate your attic, for instance, or that your windows are not sealed well enough. This information is invaluable in creating a comfortable, efficient home.

Energy Star has created lists of eligibility criteria that HVAC products must meet in order to secure certification. Products that meet these criteria have undergone third-party testing to ensure that they are able to deliver on product specifications. This means more consistent performance, especially if your system receives regular maintenance.

Support Manufacturers That Care About the Environment (And Your Wallet)

Manufacturers only create Energy Star products when the demand exists in the marketplace. In other words, if nobody purchases these products, the companies that make them have no incentive to continue production. When you support these companies, you promote a more environmentally friendly world.

Additionally, you contribute to research through your Energy Star purchases. Companies that see profitability in efficient appliances will conduct more studies and surveys to find new ways of meeting that demand. Government agencies and other organizations will also contribute more research dollars to the area.

Increase Your Income Property Potential

If you plan to rent a home to tenants, you can increase the amount of money you charge for rent because of the Energy Star appliances with which you furnish the home. Your tenants enjoy lower energy bills, and you profit from the transaction.

Plus, you’ll boost your tenants’ perception of you as a landlord. Renters like to lease properties from homeowners who care about their welfare. Landlords who furnish homes with substandard appliances and HVAC systems may experience higher turnover because renters aren’t as happy with where they live or who they are renting from.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to take on the expense of an Energy Star HVAC system, consult with your air conditioning and heating company as well as your real-estate agent to learn about how the switch might impact you personally.

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Even if you never plan to rent your home to tenants, you can still benefit from Energy Star HVAC appliances in the real-estate market. When you decide to sell your home down the road, you can list all of the appliances in the real-estate listing and charge more for your home because of them.

You can conduct research in Georgia to determine which homes have Energy Star appliances. Compare their listing and selling costs against homes without any Energy Star appliances. This will help you make an informed decision about upgrading your HVAC system.

Gain Access to Rebates and Incentives

In addition to the money you save in reduced energy bills, you can also gain access to profitable rebates and incentives when you purchase Energy Star products. Manufacturers, for example, sometimes offer cash rebates to encourage homeowners to upgrade their appliances and HVAC systems. Additionally, federal and state governments occasionally offer tax breaks to consumers who live more efficiently.

You can contact your HVAC company or search for rebates and incentives on the Energy Star website. Mail-in rebates are the most common incentives, and they come in many varieties. Some are specific to certain products, such as energy-efficient furnaces or heat pumps, while others are specific to geographical areas or other criteria.

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioners and furnaces aren’t the only products that have earned Energy Star certification. You can also find air purifiers that bear the Energy Star logo. They help rid your home of contaminants, irritants, allergens, and carcinogens that could negatively affect your health.

You can install whole-home air purifiers or portable air cleaners, depending on your specific needs and budget. A whole-home version offers more powerful air-cleaning technology and often combats more allergens and pathogens than the portable variety.

Additionally, air conditioners and heaters that come with Energy Star certification can improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). An efficient air conditioner, for example, runs only when necessary and keeps your home’s humidity levels in check.

Incur Fewer Maintenance Costs

An energy-efficient appliance does not have to run as often or as long to meet your comfort needs. This is why two-stage air furnaces are more efficient than single-stage products. They contribute more power only when necessary to raise or lower the temperature, then they cut off.

A less-efficient model, on the other hand, might run all the time to keep up with the demand from the thermostat. Alternatively, it might cut on and off constantly throughout the day. Both scenarios can increase wear and tear on the product and shorten its lifespan.

That added wear and tear will also put stress on your system’s components. You might find that it breaks down more often and requires more maintenance. You can avoid the stress and frustration of this problem with an Energy Star HVAC system.

As you can see, Energy Star HVAC systems make excellent financial and practical sense. To discuss upgrading your system, call Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447 and schedule an appointment.

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