Smartphones and smart tablets. Augmented reality and virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Technology has developed in leaps and bounds in recent decades, leaving many of us scrambling to catch up. Innovation brings convenience and efficiency into our lives, and those same benefits are carrying over into innovation in the HVAC industry. Some of these technological advancements are still around the corner, while homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, can enjoy some of them today. Stay ahead of the Joneses and enjoy greater comfort and efficiency by integrating revolutionary HVAC innovation into your home. Here are two innovations revolutionizing the HVAC industry.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

How much air is wasted in your home? Do you leave your HVAC system pumping at full blast even when you’re not home? Do some of your rooms receive precious warm air when they don’t need it? Many of the HVAC industry’s innovation seeks to cut back on energy waste. Programmable thermostats may be one way to give you more control over heating and cooling, but movement-activated air conditioning takes it a step further.

A team at MIT has developed a movement-activated air conditioning system. Sensors are placed on aluminum rods that are then set in the ceiling of a home. When the sensors detect movement, only then do they kick on the air conditioning. This ensures that energy is only used when people are present.

Home Automation

Just like your smartphone connects you to all your needs throughout the day, smart HVAC technology connects you to your home. Home automation systems bring all your home controls under one hub. For example, a smart thermostat doesn’t simply keep tabs on the home’s temperature. It also monitors energy usage across the home and gives you access to remote temperature control through your smart device. Some home automation systems also allow you to control security, lighting, and other features through your smartphone.

HVAC innovations are about more than being up-to-date. They lead to greater health, efficiency, and comfort in your home. To experience quality service and the latest in HVAC innovation for yourself, call Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447.

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