When you adjust the thermostat on your Hardeeville, South Carolina, HVAC system, you expect warm or cool air to start flowing through the vents right away. If something isn’t working properly, you may notice signs like weak airflow, poor circulation, or strange sounds coming from the unit. Start by trying some basic DIY fixes on your HVAC system, but if you can’t solve the problem, call an experienced technician.  

Thermostat Issues

If your thermostat isn’t responding, start by checking the batteries. Replace them to see if this fixes the problem. You should also make sure that the heating and cooling system hasn’t lost power, which can happen after an outage or as the result of a tripped circuit breaker.

After you confirm that the system has power and the batteries are fresh, try adjusting the anticipator. This metal tab sits on a scale from shorter to longer within the housing of the thermostat. Adjusting this component can help reduce the long cycles that your heating or cooling system remains on.

Moisture near Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner runs, it produces condensate that must run off into the drainage system. If your drainage tube is blocked or clogged, you could notice a puddle on the floor near the AC unit. Check the tube to make sure it’s clear. If the tube is fine, make sure it’s set over the top of the floor drain, which should sit close to the air conditioner. Someone in your home may have bumped into it, knocking it away from the drain.  

Rising Energy Bills

Your cooling bills tend to get higher during the summer months, but the increase shouldn’t be extremely drastic. When the cost to cool your home goes up dramatically, try replacing the filter to see if this helps improve efficiency. You could also have clogged and dirty ducts, but only an experienced HVAC professional should handle duct cleaning service.

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