The correct upgrades for your HVAC system can save energy, help the environment, and increase the value of your Hilton Head, South Carolina, home. An upgrade can even pay for itself over time through savings on your utility bills. The right changes can also prevent expensive, inconvenient breakdowns. Programmable thermostats, ductless systems, and variable-speed HVAC systems are some of the best energy-saving HVAC upgrades on the market.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can turn down your heater or air conditioner when you’re at work or asleep. To stay comfortable while saving energy, set your thermostat to bring your home back to the preferred temperature about half an hour before you wake up or come home. You can control many models from anywhere with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Some programmable thermostats also have touchscreens, hygrometers to measure humidity, and airflow monitors that tell you when to change the air filter.

Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless HVAC systems, also called mini-split or multi-split systems, are more expensive to install than conventional systems, but they’re also more efficient. These systems have an outdoor compressor or condenser and one or more indoor air-handling units connected by a small conduit instead of ductwork. They’re quieter than most systems, and you can use the different indoor units to control separate zones or areas. That way, you won’t have to heat or cool unoccupied areas.

Variable-Speed Systems

Variable-speed systems have motors that can change speeds instead of just turning on and off. Since these systems stay on longer at a lower speed, they can keep homes more comfortable, control humidity better, and use less energy than most other units. They’re also quieter, especially when they’re coming on or shutting off, and the increased airflow can improve your indoor air quality.

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