Keeping your Savannah, Georgia, home energy efficient is crucial to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of your home and keep your utility bills within budget. Unfortunately, there are many common energy mistakes that homeowners can make that wreak havoc on their home’s efficiency and can lead to skyrocketing energy bills. Take charge of your energy bills by avoiding the common energy mistakes listed below.

Not Programming Your Thermostat

While many homeowners may have a programmable thermostat in their home, many people fail to make good use of it. For example, by programming your thermostat to increase the temperature when you are away from home during the warm months, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy use.

Failing to Regularly Change Air Filters

Most air filters will need to be changed every month, but many homeowners forget this task or put it off until the filter is completely clogged. Even if the air is flowing through your filter, it does not mean it is doing so in an efficient manner. You should always make sure that you change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines so you can ensure proper airflow and maximize your system’s efficiency.

Failing to Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Having regular HVAC maintenance for your system will ensure that all of the components are working properly, and your system is functioning as optimally as possible. Your HVAC technician will clean all of your system components, calibrate your thermostat, check for damaged parts and airflow concerns, and discuss with you any fixes they may advise to improve the efficiency of your system. Make sure to schedule your regular HVAC maintenance twice a year to make sure your system is operating properly.

Don’t fall prey to the costly energy mistakes listed above. Need to schedule your bi-annual HVAC maintenance visit? Contact us at 912-373-8447. One of our Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning specialists will schedule your appointment and get your system running efficiently.

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