With the numerous benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan, it’s crazy not to consider one for your Savannah home. Along with increased comfort, you’ll save money on monthly utility bills, repairs, and tuneups while also improving your home’s energy efficiency. Here are a few more reasons to give it some consideration.

Priority Services

It may not seem like a huge perk, but in a bad situation, priority service is a godsend. If you’ve ever been without heat during a deep freeze or without cold air in the scorching summer, then you’re well aware of the value of a repair technician. With priority, these technicians will get your heat or air conditioning running in a timelier fashion.

Inspections and Tuneups

When you sign up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan, inspections and tuneups are included. This means your HVAC systems are always in tip-top condition. Each year, these technicians ensure that electrical connections are safe and secure and that each component works properly. They also offer advice on what else you can do to improve HVAC performance, without using unwanted high-pressure sales tactics.

Lower Utility Bills

Heating and cooling account for 48 percent of monthly energy bills in the average American home. Therefore, it’s important to keep these costs low. Typically, when it comes to energy, much of the extra waste comes from ill-performing HVAC systems, as well as leaks in air vents, doors, windows, and attics. Luckily, a home maintenance plan covers inspections and maintenance that not only lower your utility bills but also offer 10 percent discounts on equipment repairs and 5 percent on ductwork, installations, and special services.

Don’t waste time and money on your HVAC system and leave its health and your comfort at risk. Instead, sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan today. Call the professionals at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning today to set up an appointment at 912-373-8447. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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