Anyone who lives in Savannah, GA, knows that one of the most important features you have in your home is your air conditioning system. It is important to perform maintenance on your system before summer to ensure that it works without issue all summer long. Here are three reasons to service your AC unit before the summer.

1. Ensures the Longevity of Your System

First and foremost, having your AC serviced ensures it’s more likely to reach its maximum lifespan. One of your largest investments as a homeowner is in your AC system, and you’re sure to notice if this particular piece of equipment calls it quits in the dog days of summer. A typical maintenance visit will include a thorough inspection of your AC’s motor and blower, its drain line, coils, equipment temperatures, line pressures / obstructions, coolant levels, and connections. If anything needs to be tightened or if minor parts (like seals) need to be replaced, now is the time those things will be addressed rather than when your system flat-out breaks down on you.

2. Increases Air Flow by the Filter

One of the most important maintenance tasks to have performed on your air conditioning system is replacing or cleaning the air filters. A dirty and clogged air filter can reduce airflow in your home, reducing the cool air that circulates in your rooms. This is generally a DIY task, but when you schedule service, you can speak with our professionals to determine if the filters can simply be cleaned or if they should be replaced.

3. Reduces Humidity by the Condensation Drain

Condensation drains are found near the condenser unit of your air conditioning system. It is possible that these condensation drains can become clogged with debris or dust over time, causing moisture not to leave the unit. A clogged drain needs to be repaired in order to ensure your air conditioning is pulling humidity out of your home.

4. Increases Air Flow by the Coils

Air conditioner coils and air filters work closely together. If the air filters are left dirty, the coils in your air conditioning unit will become dirty and clogged as well. The dirt can insulate itself around the coil, preventing heat from being absorbed through the system and air not being cooled.

5. Ensures Shorter Wait Times

This is possibly the most important advantage of them all; you won’t have to wait nearly as long! During the summer, most HVAC companies’ phones are ringing off the hook with calls to service or replace broken ACs, so wait times for routine service or repairs can be extremely long. You can avoid all that by having someone come out to take a look at your system today. So why wait until the heat of summer when you may be in an emergency situation?

Contact our professionals at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning when you are ready to start the air conditioning system maintenance you need before summer. We can repair anything that is damaged and can even replace your system if necessary. We are ready to assist you with any needs you may have.

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