High temperatures in Savannah, Georgia, mean extra run time for your AC unit. Since your system will be putting in overtime, it’s crucial that you stay vigilant for warning signs that your system may need repair. While there are some Savannah, GA AC problems that you can leave until the next business day, issues like short-cycling, no cool air, or odd noises or smells are signs you need repairs right away.

Your System Appears to Be Short-Cycling

Short-cycling happens when your system turns itself on and then off repeatedly, never completing a full cycle. There are a few things that might cause this. It could simply be a problem with your thermostat, where the temperature isn’t registering right. This would cause it to signal your system to shut off too soon. It could also be a sign that the compressor is failing. If you hear this occurring every few minutes, you should contact an HVAC technician immediately, as the strain can cause your system to ultimately break down.

There’s No Cool Air Coming From Your Vents

When there’s no cool air coming through your home’s vents, not only is your system not going to be able to perform its job, but it’s also a sign that there could be something potentially dangerous going on with your unit. A lack of cool air often means that refrigerant is leaking somewhere in the system. It also could mean that your evaporator coil has frozen and can’t perform its normal functions. In either case, both issues are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

Your System Is Making Odd Noises or Smells

While you might think that some system sounds and smells are just a minor problem, many can be a warning sign of an electrical problem or impending component failure like a dying motor. Calling for service immediately can help prevent a small problem from becoming a larger one.

If you experience any of these major problems and need AC repair, don’t wait. Contact us at 912-373-8447 today. One of our Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning specialists will help you get your AC back in working order.

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