Winter is coming to Savannah, Georgia, and cold air comes with it. To ensure your home is ready to fight the chill, there are quite a few things you can do. One of the best strategies is to install an electric heat pump, especially if you’re looking to enjoy some savings. Take a look at these three ways an electric heat pump can reduce your heating costs throughout the winter and beyond.

Eliminating Fuel Costs

Most heating systems have to burn some kind of fuel in order to function, such as oil or gas. These fuels are costly and can add some serious weight to your monthly bills. An electric heat pump eliminates the cost of fossil fuel for heating. Electric heat pumps run solely on electricity, so you never have to worry about buying fuel for heating.

Decreasing Electricity Costs

If you already use another type of electric heat, such as an electric furnace or baseboard heaters, you’re not worried about the cost of fossil fuels, of course; but an electric heat pump can still offer additional savings. Electric heat pumps are remarkably efficient, often able to provide over three units of heat for every unit of electricity used. They can maintain that efficiency even through northern winters, so the winter in Savannah won’t be a challenge.

Lower Installation Costs

Two of the most popular choices for homeowners looking for a new heat system are gas furnaces and electric heat pumps. Installation can be costly, but electric heat pumps are typically less costly both in the short- and long term. A gas furnace will have to work within an extensive ventilation system. Unless you already have a ventilation system that’s compatible with your new furnace, the installation process can be long, difficult, and expensive. Meanwhile, an electric heat pump can be installed in homes without any sort of ventilation system without much difficulty.

If you’re looking for an electric heat pump of your own in Savannah, call Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447. Take a look at our heating services, and make sure your home stays comfortable this winter.

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