Regardless of make, model, or condition, all HVAC systems make some noise; even in Bluffton, South Carolina. However, certain types of noise are more worrisome than others. Understanding the causes of different kinds of HVAC noises in your Bluffton, SC AC system will enable you to identify and fix the underlying problems before they escalate into costly issues. Below are four HVAC noises you shouldn’t ignore.


If your HVAC system is emitting a metallic banging or clanking sound, one of its components has likely come loose. One possible problem is the motor shaft having a loose blower wheel. In this case, you should hire an HVAC technician to replace the blower wheel before it causes damage to other components.


A squealing or whining sound may result from a variety of problems. It may mean the shaft bearings in your HVAC unit are loose or need lubricating. It can also be because of a frayed or slipped blower belt or a faulty blower motor. Since it’s difficult to determine the exact cause, the best thing to do is to schedule an inspection with your HVAC contractor.


If your HVAC system is making a rattling sound that can be heard throughout your home, it’s probably an indication that a part of your duct system has come loose. One way to confirm this is to look for loose screws around the air vents and returns. If you see loose screws or the sound persists, you’ll have to call a professional to repair or seal your ducts.


Under normal circumstances, the transformer in your HVAC system will produce a humming sound, but it should be relatively quiet. However, if you hear a loud humming sound, your transformer has likely gone bad. Other possible reasons for a humming sound include a broken fan and a faulty capacitor.

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