When your furnace in Rincon, GA, starts acting up, it’s tempting to try to troubleshoot and repair the issue on your own. However, when it comes to your furnace, DIY is seldom the right choice. Here are four reasons you want to avoid DIY furnace repairs for your Rincon, GA home.

1. Safety Risks

You probably don’t sit and think about all the safety implications of your furnace every day. However, your furnace becomes exceptionally hazardous with incorrect repairs or when there’s a problem.

Without proper training, it’s easy to under or over tighten or otherwise damage part of the fuel supply. Any of these increase the risk of a fuel leak, which could lead to a dangerous house fire.

Additionally, if you don’t know the precautions to take, you may inadvertently cause damage to your heat exchanger. When this cracks, you’ll have a serious problem with carbon monoxide. This is especially prevalent when people attempt their own furnace maintenance.

2. Higher Repair Costs

Many furnace parts are sensitive and can break if they’re not handled properly. This means that you could inadvertently pay more for damaged parts during installation than you would have for professional labor.

3. No Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies know how important professional maintenance and repairs are to your furnace. They also know how dangerous your unit may become if it’s neglected or serviced by untrained people.

When you go to modify, renew or switch your homeowner’s insurance, you may need to show proof of inspections and repairs. If you happen to have a fire, you may have to do the same. Failing to produce the documents may increase your premium or invalidate your coverage.

4. Invalidated Warranty

Manufacturers also know the importance of properly trained technicians servicing their units. Their warranties often stipulate a trained professional must provide service to keep their warranty valid.

Don’t end up paying more to repair your furnace by trying to save a few bucks now. Call the expert technicians at Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your furnace repair today.

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