During summer, the air conditioning costs can soar along with the temperature outside. The AC system accounts for a large chunk of your electrical home energy usage. Below are practical ways to boost your Savannah, GA, AC efficiency this summer.

1. Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you want your cooling system to retain its original air efficiency, there’s no way around professional AC maintenance. Scheduling regular services allows technicians to inspect the entire system for any possible problems. For optimal air conditioner efficiency, experts recommend having your AC serviced at least once a year.

Replace your air filters as part of your HVAC maintenance schedule. Air filters protect your HVAC system from dirt, dust and debris that can harm the interior components, reducing its efficiency.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a smart programmable thermostat helps you boost your AC’s efficiency. It helps you create a cooling program based on your schedule, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your AC after you leave the house.

3. Use Your Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan helps circulate conditioned air throughout the home, reducing strain on the air conditioner. It’s an ideal way to cut your cooling costs this coming summer.

4. Install Curtains, Shades and Blinds

Install window coverings to keep excess heat from entering your windows during the day. Blinds and curtains block the hot sun rays and make it easier for your AC to cool the house.

You can also switch up your routines that ordinarily lead to increased indoor heat. For example, wait until the evening to cook in the kitchen, or grill your dinner outside.

Want Better Savannah, GA, AC Efficiency? Call the Experts!

Call our experts at Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning for your HVAC repairs, maintenance and installations. Our NATE-certified technicians provide same-day or 24/7 emergency services to keep your AC system running normally.

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