Whether you’re looking to replace your old HVAC system immediately, or simply looking at your options for the future, a ductless mini-split is an excellent choice to consider. Aside from being a duct-free HVAC unit, there are other reasons to consider a ductless mini-split when you’re looking to upgrade. Below are five benefits that a ductless mini-split brings to your Rincon, GA, home.

Installs Easily

It takes technicians weeks to install the ductwork that comes with a traditional HVAC system, disrupting life within the home. Since a ductless mini-split has no ductwork, it takes as little as one day to install it, depending on how many indoor and outdoor units your home needs. Instead of ductwork, air flows through a small pipe.

Offers Greater Energy Efficiency

Reduced efficiency, caused by air leaks, is one of the main issues with HVAC systems requiring ductwork. According to EnergyStar, connectivity issues, holes or leaks in the ductwork result in 20% to 30% less air moving through the system.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

When you have a traditional HVAC system with ductwork, professionals must clean it regularly to remove dust, pollen and other buildup that affect your indoor air quality. A ductless mini-split has no ductwork to worry about and has multi-stage filtration that reduces dust, pollen and other particulates in your Rincon, GA, home’s air.

Operates Silently

When you use a traditional HVAC system to cool or heat your home, the trade-off for having a comfortable home is dealing with noisy ductwork or a loud furnace. A ductless mini-split uses low-powered fans to move air throughout each room far more quietly.

Saves Money

You may have noticed that your utility costs have risen considerably over time. While you can estimate the new rates, an inefficient system causes your monthly bills to rise even more. A mini-split system is not only highly efficient, but it also uses less power to keep you comfortable all year long, saving you money on your utility bills.

Don’t let your old, inefficient HVAC system continue to waste energy. Contact Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about how a ductless HVAC system helps you with your home comfort needs.

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