woman boilerA boiler heating system can be very efficient and trouble-free, but sometimes things can go wrong that require your attention. In some cases, there are easy fixes that you can handle yourself, while some repairs are better left to your heating professional. Here is a basic boiler troubleshooting guide to refer to if you suspect you have a boiler problem:

Boiler Not Heating

If your boiler is not heating, check these things before you call for expert help:

  • Make sure the fuel supply is open. The gas or oil line feeding the firebox will have a shutoff valve somewhere near the boiler. Be sure that valve is open.
  • Check the power supply. Inspect circuit breakers and fuses to be sure the thermostat and circulating pump have power.
  • Be sure the pilot light works. Relight the standing pilot light if it has gone out. Check for correct operation of an electronic ignition system.
  • Check the thermostat. It should be set to heating mode and adjusted to the appropriate temperature.

Reduced System Performance

A gradual change in boiler effectiveness may indicate that the boiler needs to be drained to remove sediment and scale that is interfering with heat transfer.

Leaking Pipes or Valves

Follow leaks to their source. Leaking pipes should be replaced by a professional plumber or boiler technician. You may be able to stop a leak in the relief valve by opening it long enough to flush sediment out that is making it stick open.

Some Radiators Aren’t Heating

A radiator that is hot on the bottom but cool on the top may have air trapped in it. Try bleeding air from the bleeder valve on the radiator. If the radiator is not heating at all, check to be sure zoning valves are open to it.

Noisy Pipes

Noise in your system could indicate a failed circulating pump, air in the pipes or improperly oriented return pipes. If bleeding air off of the system does not solve the problem, call for expert help.

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