If you’ve been giving some thought to your cooling system and think you’ll be better off with an air conditioner replacement, don’t opt for a cheap solution, as tempting as that might be. Whatever you save upfront with a low-end A/C, you’ll lose in the long-term with inefficient operation and high operating costs.

In a split air conditioning system, both the indoor evaporator unit and the outdoor condensing unit work like a team to provide high performance and reduced energy bills. If you need to replace an outdoor unit but think you can get away with keeping the indoor unit (or vice versa), you risk paying higher electricity bills and getting uncomfortable because of odd cooling cycles. The mismatch could also lead to eventual system failure.

Newer systems use a hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant, and both the indoor and the outdoor unit are designed to work with this type of coolant. When your condensing unit fails, installing a matched system may require you to change the indoor coil, but in the long run, the cost of the coil will pay off in the form of savings on your electricity bills. If you install a matched system, you will save yourself the expense of replacing the entire unit again.

Instead of an expense, consider air conditioner replacement an opportunity to save money, as new A/C systems are much more efficient than those manufactured just 10 years ago. Air conditioners manufactured today must have a minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 13, and it’s possible to get a unit with a SEER in the 20s. If your present unit is a SEER 10 or lower, consider the savings you stand to enjoy over the years of your A/C system life.

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