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You may have heard that duct sealing saves energy dollars, but you may be unaware of duct sealing’s other benefits for you and your family. If you find your Savannah area home’s indoor air quality is less than ideal, or that you are vacuuming often but still see dust settling on your furnishings, duct sealing should help.

How Duct Sealing Saves Energy Dollars

Were you to add up all the volume of your Savannah area home’s ducts, they would be almost like another bedroom in your house. Imagine a bedroom with holes in the walls, ceiling and floor, with air from outside contaminating the air inside your home. Any heated or cooled air in that room would also escape through the holes.

If your home’s ducts are not sealed, all those loose connections, air leaks and holes are scattered throughout your home, bringing dust into the airflow and allowing costly heated and cooled treated air to escape. Why spend money air conditioning your attic with leaky ducts?

Cleaner Indoor Air

Not only does duct sealing save energy dollars, your home’s indoor air quality improves. When a duct has a tear or its seam is loose, dusty attic or crawlspace air is pulled into the duct and passed along through your HVAC system. Keeping the ductwork sealed prevents polluted air from contaminating your treated, filtered, clean air.

Do Some Yourself

You can seal part of your home’s ducts yourself, reaching accessible ductwork to apply mastic sealant or metal tape. This may take you into your Savannah home’s attic or down into the crawlspace, but your home’s central air conditioner will work more efficiently.

Professional Duct Sealing

Hire a reputable HVAC contractor to professionally seal all of your home’s ducts. The technician can:ductwork

  • Run a blower door test in the ducts to find air leaks,
  • Apply an aerosol sealant to ductwork
  • Replace damaged ductwork and recommend design changes

Professional duct sealing saves energy dollars and means your entire HVAC system will be balanced for maximum airflow.

To learn more ways that duct sealing saves energy dollars for your Savannah area home, please contact us at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning.

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