At Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, we can help you explore Eco-friendly options for heating and cooling in Garden City GA. We are a factory authorized Carrier dealer and a fully licensed and insured heating and air company that has operated in the area since 1986. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Start things off right with a free in-home estimate for a replacement system. After evaluating your home, we will be able to discuss the best heating and cooling options available for your home and budget.

If you are currently depending upon HVAC equipment that is 10 years or older, simply replacing it with a newer model can do a lot to help the environment. Heating and cooling equipment has come a long way in the last decade. Today’s equipment is approximately 25 percent more effective than models of previous generations, while being anywhere from 25 to 40 percent more efficient. This increase in efficiency is what really helps the environment because it decreases energy use, which in turn decreases America’s reliance on fossil fuels.

If you happen to be replacing an air sourced heat pump or an air conditioner unit in your Garden City GA home, then you are also eliminating the use of R-22 in your system. R-22, which is known to deplete the ozone, has since been replaced by an Eco-friendly cooling agent and is no longer available for new equipment.

You can take things a step further by installing a geothermal unit. This uniquely designed system uses the constant temperature of the ground beneath the earth’s soil as a heating and cooling source. A geothermal unit is over 45 percent more efficient than other heating and cooling options and it relies mostly on a renewable energy source.

Affordable Heating and Cooling

Currently the government is offering a 30 percent tax cut for the installation of qualified geothermal units. This tax cut has no upper limit and can be applied to both the cost of the unit and the cost of installation.

Installing geothermal equipment, as well as some other options for heating and cooling in Garden City GA, may also qualify you for a rebate from the Georgia Power Company. Ask our dealer for more details.

We also offer discounts for senior citizens and current and former military personal. Feel free to contact us for more questions related to payment options, specials and available rebates for goods and services.

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