You look at cutting utility costs as a kind of hobby. Every time you get a new bill, you take it as a challenge. How can you ensure the next bill comes in lower than this month? You’ve mastered using thermostat settings efficiently and taking care of your HVAC system, but there’s one method of cutting utility costs that many homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, have forgotten: eliminating drafts. Keep air in your home where it belongs by sealing drafts, and you’ll cut your Savannah, GA utility costs and enjoy the low bills you’ve been working for.

How Do Drafts Impact Utility Costs?

Drafts are a problematic burden on utility costs because their effects are less difficult to recognize than other money sappers, such as a damaged HVAC system or leaving lights on all day. Drafts can form everywhere, from duct systems to attics to around doors and windows and more.

Wherever drafts occur, they allow outdoor air into your living space and allow indoor air to escape. This transfer makes it more difficult for your heating and cooling system to maintain comfort since it’s fighting against the intrusion of cooler air. The strain your system then experiences increases your utility costs.

How to Fix Drafts

The first step in fixing drafts is identifying their origins. Look for areas with excess dust and dirt, or even where you see light actually entering the home from outdoors. Once you find the drafts, seal doors with weatherstripping placed on the door frame, seal windows with caulk and leaks in your attic with expanding foam or some more insulation. Leaks in duct networks may be harder to identify, and you’ll need professional help to seal them.

You protect your home from physical invaders, so why not protect it from something that can damage your efficiency and lead to high utility costs? To get a hand improving your HVAC efficiency and cutting utility costs, call Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447.

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