As a parent, you want your kids to develop healthy, frugal, green habits early in life. Teaching your kids about energy helps you meet that goal, especially when something goes wrong. When your children grow up, they’ll know how to maintain their own HVAC systems and practice responsible homeownership habits in Dutch Island, GA. Try some of these strategies to keep your kids informed about energy efficiency and HVAC maintenance.

Ask for Help With Little Tasks

Your little ones can help you change your air filter, clean your air vents, and hose down your exterior air conditioning unit. Explain to your kids the importance of these maintenance tasks so they understand that they must participate in the running of the home.

Discuss Thermostat Settings

As your kids get older, explain to them the importance of leaving the thermostat setting alone. Discuss the relationship between thermostat settings and energy efficiency, as well as the cost associated with setting the thermostat too cool or too warm. 

Read Books About Energy Efficiency

Buy or borrow books that educate kids on energy sources and carbon footprints. Invite your kids to ask you questions about how utility companies generate energy and why residential energy use has an impact on the environment.

Teach Kids Responsible Habits

Encourage your children to close the blinds or drapes during the heat of the day, turn off electronics when they aren’t using them, and keep windows and doors closed. You might even start a reward system through which the kids can earn points toward purchases by practicing energy-efficient habits.

Talk About HVAC Issues

If your air conditioner gives out in the middle of summer or if you need a new furnace, talk to your kids about the process. Explain how your furnace and AC work and why they need attention. Allow them to watch (from a safe distance) while your trusted HVAC tech fixes the problem.

Setting a great example for your kids helps you capitalize on teaching moments. When something goes wrong with your air conditioner, give us a call at 912-373-8447.

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