According to leading experts on HVAC systems, homeowners in Savannah GA can save themselves a lot of hassle and a lot of money by scheduling an HVAC tuneup twice a year in Savannah GA. Because they understand just how important these semi-annual checkups are for their customers, Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning is a local expert that offers a 10 percent savings on any service calls to Preventative Maintenance Customers who have regular maintenance performed on their systems. As an additiona incentive, these customers receive preferred scheduling for emergency service that may be needed in the future.

HVAC maintenance is something many homeowners overlook until extreme temperatures set in. When they turn on their air condtioner or furnace for the first time it may be performing poorly or even need emergency repairs. We recommend staying ahead of the curve by having the entire HVAC system inspected and tuned twice annually – once before summer and again before the first cold front of the winter months.

Our factory trained and NATE- Certified technicians perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of the entire system. At that time you can choose to replace parts that are aged or showing signs of wear in order to prevent an unexpected failure in the future. Catching small problems before they become major repairs is one of the biggest benefits to regular professional maintenance. Good maintenance is the key to extending the life of the unit and it’s parts.

There are a couple HVAC Maintenance procedures that homeowners can (and should) take care of between tuneups to protect their air conditioning investment. Changing filters regularly is essential for energy efficiency. Once a month is the standard recommendation but newer filters that are more heavy duty might last up to three months. But some environments where there are pets, smokers or a high level of contaminants might need Air Conditioning filters changed more frequently.

It’s also important to check the unit located outside and remove debris such as yard clippings that are blocking the coils. Trim bushes away from the unit as well to ensure plenty of air flow. This element of your HVAC system should be looked at regularly between scheduled HVAC Maintenance calls.
Byrd Heating and Air Conditioining is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer but our technicians are certified to work on all makes and models. We also provide friendly 24-hour service should an emergency arise. We are family owned and operated since 1986 to serve the HVAC needs of Savannah GA and surrounding communities. Call today for a free estimate on new equipment or schedule an appointment online.

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