It’s always frustrating when you want to hold a get-together in your Savannah home, but you know that your place isn’t quite ready yet. If you have any air or HVAC challenges when you try to hold a party in the winter, here are some things to consider.

Limit Your Heater Use

Even homes in the greater Savannah area get cold in the winter, and that often leads to a challenge. You try to warm the place up, and pretty soon, as the party gets started, your home is actually too hot. It’s important to remember that with a big get-together, you’ve likely got the oven or stove on, and you’ve also got a lot of people packed into a small area. This naturally increases the temperature. Your best bet is to turn the heater down.

Thermostat Location

Some thermostats read the temperature directly, and some use a sensor in a different area. If your thermostat is not reading the temperature from the same room that the party happens, you won’t get an accurate response, so you may want to move it, or the sensor.

Manage Your Home’s Humidity

During the winter, outside air gets less humid. Low humidity can make your throat and skin unusually dry. If you think you have this problem, consider getting a humidifier. A simple plug-in model you can pull out and put away depending on the season might be best, but if it seems like an all-year issue, an installed humidifier may help the most in the long run.

Keep Air Quality Maintained

No one feels comfortable if the air quality at a party is off compared to their own home. Inevitably, HVAC systems develop issues that can reduce efficiency and, worst of all, just make the air unpleasant. No one wants the conundrum of stuffy, gross indoor air versus cold but clean outdoor air, so keep your home HVAC system maintained.

If you’d like us to inspect and take care of your HVAC system on a regular basis with an affordable maintenance plan, we’d be happy to help. Please contact Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning online or call us at 912-373-8447.

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