Many people suffer from allergies all year long. Others have seasonal allergies, meaning their symptoms tend to worsen during certain seasons. If your allergy symptoms get worse during the winter, it could be that your heating system is aggravating them. You may find s changing the air filter can reduce your symptoms by improving the indoor air quality. A professional HVAC contractor can inspect the heating system in your Springfield, Georgia, home to determine if it’s aggravating your allergies.

Your Air Filter Is Dirty

An air filter on a heating system is meant to filter particles in the air. As it collects more particles, its filtering capabilities become less effective. As a result, the air quality in your home is reduced and the efficiency of the heating system decreases. Change the filter at least once a month to ensure the system can properly filter airborne allergens. Replace the filter with a new one once every 20 days if you have indoor pets.

Your Air Ducts Are Dirty

Much like a dirty air filter, when the air ducts are dirty, this affects air quality in a negative manner. Any dust that collects in the air ducts is pushed through air vents and distributed throughout all areas of your home. Having your ductwork cleaned at least once a year can minimize dust and might improve your allergy symptoms.

You’re Ignoring Preventative Maintenance

Another reason your heater might be aggravating your allergies is because you are ignoring preventative maintenance on your heating system. A well-maintained system can perform a better job at keeping the air inside your home as clean as possible. This especially applies if your system has an air purification system connected to it. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to perform preventative maintenance right before you turn on your heating system.

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