Eden, GA experiences heat and humidity during a significant part of the year, which can reduce sleep quality. In addition to these issues, an HVAC system that’s not running optimally can cause issues for sleep. Let’s take a look at three ways your HVAC system can cause problems with how well you sleep.

High Temperatures Can Impact Your Sleep

High temperatures in the home can impact everyone’s sleep. The best temperature for a good night’s rest is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Although high temperatures can affect everyone’s sleep in the home, this issue affects small babies and the elderly the most.

Humidity Can Impact How Well You Sleep

Humidity can impede the way the body gets rid of excessive heat. Humidity prevents heat from escaping through the skin, and the body stays overheated as a result. This can cause people to wake up during the night as they’re hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

Many people are unaware that AC systems help to remove humidity from the home in addition to cooling it and increasing ventilation. If you haven’t arranged for a service maintenance appointment, your HVAC system might not be running at optimal levels. Your sleep could be suffering as a result.

Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Can Impact Your Sleep

Your indoor air quality can cause issues for your sleep too with increased allergens and poor air circulation, which can impact how well you feel. You might have headaches, wake up from sneezing or suffer from other issues. Regular HVAC maintenance can help to reduce these allergens to allow you a better night’s rest.

Better indoor air can help you to get a good night’s rest. Contact the AC experts at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a service visit. We’ll perform an inspection and perform maintenance to help improve how well you sleep.

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