When you work from home, you don’t spend money on gasoline for your daily commute, but you might run up your energy bills because you spend more time in your Savannah, GA, home. Use these strategies to lower your energy bills when you work from home.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Many people who work from home have different schedules from one day to the next. You might never leave your house on Monday, then meet with a client at a local coffee shop on Tuesday. A programmable thermostat gives you more control over your heating and cooling needs. If you have a zoned system, choose a compatible thermostat so you can keep yourself comfortable in your home office without increasing energy consumption in other areas of your home.

Use Energy-Consuming Appliances at Night

Working from home gives you tremendous flexibility. You can finish a work project, then run a load of laundry or wash the dishes from last night’s meal. However, running those energy-consuming appliances during the day can cause a spike in your energy bills. They produce heat, which makes your air conditioner work harder during the summer. Plus, many Georgia energy companies offer lower rates during the overnight hours. Some even have free evenings, which means that you don’t have to pay more money to keep your clothes and dishes clean.

Turn Off Electronics

You might use a desktop or laptop computer to work from home, but you’re not always working. When you’re done for the day, turn off your electronics so they don’t continue to use power. Similarly, don’t forget to turn off the coffee pot when you’ve had your last cup and turn off fans in rooms you’re not occupying.

While working from home can increase your energy bills, you have power over your spending. If you’re concerned about your HVAC system’s efficiency, we can help. Call Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447.

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