landscaping around the A/C unit

You probably consider the outdoor air conditioning unit to be an eyesore in your yard. You can certainly plant landscaping around the A/C unit to conceal it, but take these tips into account to prevent restricting airflow and causing performance issues.

Leave Enough Clearance

No matter how you plan to hide the cooling system from sight, make sure adequate space remains between the unit and your plants for proper airflow. Vegetation growing around the unit should remain two to three feet away, and be sure to trim any branches so they’re at least five feet from the top of the A/C unit. Don’t build a structure, such as a deck or porch, above the air conditioner.

Shade the Unit

During your efforts to hide the air conditioning unit, position landscaping strategically to provide shade. Air conditioners perform more efficiently when they don’t sit in direct sunlight. Also, while tall trees may not conceal the air conditioner, they shade your home to help it stay cooler in the summer.

Choose the Best Plants

You can plant any foliage you want around the air conditioner, but the most effective are thick evergreen shrubs. Trimming branches to the proper size and shape is easy, and by choosing an evergreen plant, you avoid the need to clear out leaves from the air conditioner come spring. A lattice with climbing plants is another attractive option for landscaping around the A/C unit.

Cover the Ground Around the A/C

Loose soil or sand isn’t ideal because it splatters onto the air conditioner when it rains. In dry weather, the air whipping around the A/C unit picks up dust from the ground and sucks it up. Mulch, stones or gravel should cover the ground around the air conditioner.

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