While hiring an HVAC contractor may seem like it would be easy in our region with so many to choose from, the wise homeowner will tread carefully when making a selection. Following are some points that will help you with your search.

  1. Do your homework.
    Before you hire an HVAC contractor, learn about license and insurance requirements in your state. Before calling, jot down the model of your system and have maintenance history handy.
  2. Follow up on referrals and references.
    Check with friends, neighbors, co-workers and trade organizations for contractor referrals. Check references before you hire an HVAC contractor as well. Was the job completed on time and within budget? How did the service and installation go?
  3. Thoroughly research rebates and incentives.
    As this is a large purchase, be sure to thoroughly research special offers that may save you money, such as tax incentives and rebates from your local utility company for energy efficient appliance upgrades.
  4. Look for Energy Star.
    When purchasing heating and cooling equipment, seek out the Energy Star logo. Energy Star-qualified products meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, offering significant long-term savings. When comparing models, ask your contractor to calculate savings differences between models.­
  5. Plan for a home evaluation.
    In order to ensure a system that meets your needs and is properly sized, your contractor should spend a good deal of time inspecting your house, taking into account size, level of insulation and windows. Good contractors will also check ductwork for leaks and insulation, and measure airflow against manufacturer’s specifications.
  6. Make sure estimates are itemized.
    Don’t hire an HVAC contractor without a written, itemized estimate, so you can compare cost, energy efficiency and warranty between proposals.
  7. Get it autographed.
    To protect against unexpected expenses, before starting work, get a signed proposal specifying costs, model numbers, job schedule and warranty.

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