ac repair2The cooling season in the Savannah region is long, hot, and humid. In order to keep your energy bill low during those scorching summer months, you should have your HVAC system tuned up now. A/C maintenance is the key to making your system last longer and run more efficiently. While you can do some of the basic tasks throughout the cooling season yourself, it’s best to start with a professional tune-up to ensure a more efficient system performance.

What You Can Do to Keep your A/C Maintained

Before switching the system on, check the air filter and change it if necessary. A dirty filter is the leading cause of high A/C bills and premature system failure. When the filter becomes clogged with too much dust, the airflow through the air handler slows down, which makes the air conditioner run longer. Increased running time results in more wear and tear on the system parts.

To make matters worse, a dirty filter allows dust to settle on the evaporator coil, which in turn causes the coil to freeze. If the compressor keeps running, it can burn out. Later, when the ice melts, it may cause water damage in the area near the air handler. You should remove any dead vegetation around the outdoor condenser to improve its ability to cool the hot refrigerant faster. The coils and fins also need to be sprayed down with a garden hose.

Professional A/C Maintenance

When you have your A/C maintained by an HVAC professional, expect him or her to complete the following tasks:

  • Inspect, clean and tighten all electrical components and connections.
  • Lubricate the motors and check the belts for wear and tension.
  • Clean the evaporator and outdoor condensing coil if needed.
  • Measure the refrigerant level. When the level isn’t what the manufacturer specified, the efficiency of the A/C declines. If it’s low, the technician will look for leaks and repair them before recharging.
  • Check the airflow through the air handler and inspect the ducts for leakage.
  • Verify that the drainpipe is clear and clean the drain pan.
  • Recalibrate the thermostat if necessary.

A well-maintained A/C system is far more likely to cool your home without any problems this summer. To learn more about our HVAC services in Savannah, Tremont, and Garden City, contact us at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning.

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