All homeowners in Chatham, Bryan, and Effingham counties can improve air conditioner efficiency by regular maintaining their HVAC to save energy, improve airflow, and prevent leaks and drafts. Though as a professional HVAC company with the appropriate air purification systems, heat and cooling products, and advanced technology, we guarantee you excellent HVAC maintenance. Despite, we would like to share with you some remarkable ways that regular maintenance can save energy, and consequently, prolong the service life of your air conditioner. 

Seal Heating and Cooling Ducts

The efficiency of your heating and cooling systems can be improved by 20 percent if the air ducts are connected to the garage, basement, crawlspace, and attic are sealed off. Once all ducts are sealed, we would suggest proper insulation so that your living environment can be protected in hot and cold weathers.

Annual Tune-Up of HVAC Equipment

Just like a motor vehicle has to be adjusted to improve its fuel economy and gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your HVAC equipment is just as essential. This will not only improve its efficiency but also provide added comfort. 

Change the Air Filter

A dirty filter slows down the airflow, forcing your HVAC system to work much harder to maintain and save energy. Therefore, we would recommend having a clean filter installed so that dirt and dust buildup will be prevented, resulting in an efficient system with no premature malfunctions, replacements, or costly maintenance. 

Consider an Upgrade

Consider having an upgrade or replacement done. Switching to an air conditioning unit with a higher SEER rating is a viable solution to saving money on your utility bill. Moreover, choosing a new high technology Carrier product is the best way to conserve energy. The money saved over time will offset the cost of purchasing a new HVAC system. 

If your HVAC equipment is older than 10 years, we recommend you install a qualified ENERGY STAR heating and cooling system, for added energy efficiency. 

Above all, contact Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning to evaluate the performance of your HVAC equipment professionally or to have it replaced. Go to our website or call 912-373-8447 for a tailored maintenance plan.

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