With energy prices trending upward with no end in sight, many people are actively searching for ways to reduce their energy consumption in their everyday lives. One way to save energy is with a zoned heating and cooling system. Zoned heating and cooling controls can be added to an existing HVAC system. Many new systems feature zone controls as an energy saving option, as well. Whether you replace your existing unit with a new, energy efficient model with zone control, or you supplement your existing system with zone controls, you can cut your energy use by as much as 40 percent through precise control over your home's heating and cooling.

What is Zoned Heating and Cooling?

Zone controlled systems enable you to separately control the climate in various rooms or zones throughout the home. If you and your family occupy two bedrooms at night and the rest of the house is vacant, why not zone the bedrooms so that you can heat and cool only the bedrooms during the night? You can reduce the temperature or even turn off the HVAC system in other zones to save the cost of heating and cooling the vacant space. When the family is gathered in the living room for a movie, you can set a comfortable temperature in the family room and then set the other zones to conserve energy at the same time.

How Does Zone Control Operate?

Forced-Air Systems

If your HVAC system is a conventional forced-air system, a zone control retrofit would include dampers that allow you to open or close the airflow to the different zones in your home. The zone control thermostat controls the dampers to customize the climate.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems utilize zone control by design. These systems have the outdoor compressor unit, just as with a forced-air system. However, the air handlers are small units that are mounted inside each zone. Each air handler is controlled separately from the others. Therefore, you achieve the zone control effect by individually controlling each air handler. Generally, mini-split systems are ductless and provide a great alternative for rooms and structures where ductwork is not desired or feasible.

Radiant Heat Systems

Homes with boiler and radiator systems have a form of zone control for heating. Radiant systems are now being implemented in floors, too. A radiant heat system installed in the floor heats the room from the floor upward. You can install zone controls to a radiant heating system in the floor by installing a series of valves to open and close the corresponding zones.

Zone Control

Zone controls will give you complete control over your Savannah GA home's cooling and heating. Precise control will help you conserve energy by only heating and cooling the zones that you need. If you would like more information about installing zone controls to your existing unit or exploring the possibilities of zone controls on new HVAC equipment, call Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning. We will provide you with the information you need to take control over your HVAC system's energy use.

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