Battling rising energy costs while staying comfortable in your Hardeeville, South Carolina, home is often challenging. But with a smart thermostat, you can manage the temperature while using built-in technology that reduces energy waste.

Tracks Your Habits

This smart control panel for your heating and cooling system does more than just change the temperature of your home. It can actually track your habits and make adjustments based on times that you’re normally at work, in bed, etc. When you set up a programmable thermostat, you have to set the schedule based on your typical activities, but the smart thermostat will take care of it for you. Because a smart thermostat uses tracking methods to determine when to turn on and off, it is much more accurate, so you can save more energy without doing much.

Some smart thermostats also have built-in sensors for humidity and outside temperature, so they can make adjustments based on changes to the climate. Your smart thermostat can even adjust based on someone in the home turning on the oven.

Accessible from Anywhere

With a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat, you now have access to adjust the temperature or check the status from anywhere. This helpful tool allows you to reduce energy waste if you’re leaving on a trip, or if you need to move the temperature up for your furry friends when you’re not home. The remote interface is usually controlled through an app on your phone or tablet, and the app may also contain information about energy usage, costs, and changes. Some apps offer tips to reduce waste and save money. Make the changes from the remote interface and start enjoying the savings immediately.

If you do head out on a vacation, simply switch your smart thermostat to “vacation mode” to lower or raise the temperature (based on the season). You don’t have to change your existing settings at all.

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