Our customers in Eden, Georgia, know how hot and humid summers can be in the South. We heavily rely on our HVAC systems to provide us with dry, cool, filtered air around the clock. Homeowners with older systems or multiple sources of indoor pollutants may not be able to achieve optimal indoor air quality just by depending on their HVAC systems to do all the work. We advise these customers and those suffering from allergies or asthma to consider innovative solutions that work in conjunction with existing HVAC systems to provide cleaner air and reduced respiratory illnesses.

Effective Allergen Prevention

UV lamps work to kill and prevent bacteria, germs, and other harmful biological growth from developing on your HVAC system’s coils as air passes through them. The UV lamp also kills airborne contaminants before they enter the home. UV lamps are especially effective in humid climates like ours, where it is common for moisture to collect on the coils.

Trap and Kill Pathogens, Breathe Easier

Air purifiers trap and kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other pollutants so that they cannot infiltrate the air your family breathes. Carrier’s high-efficiency filters provide whole-home air filtration while removing up to 65 percent of airborne particles that are as small as 1.0 micron. Carrier’s Infinity Air purifier traps pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, and other pollutants and destroys them with an electrical charge. It has been tested to be effective against more than 13 different pathogens.

Moisture Control Is Key

A whole-home dehumidifier will reduce excess humidity in your home and establish a proper level of moisture. This will help protect your furnishings as well as reduce the growth of allergens and the presence of musty odors. This is an effective solution for improving indoor air quality.

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