RGF Environmental Group’s REME HALO Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier provides excellent indoor air purification. Learn about how it works and its benefits to determine whether this purifier would make a fine addition to your Modena Island, GA, home.

The Design

The HALO-LED works across cubic inches of air-conditioned space to reduce pollutants and contaminants. It does this using the latest technology, REME-LED (reflective electromagnetic energy-light emitting diode), combined with bipolar ionization.

REME-LED Technology

The RGF Environmental Group developed REME technology as an option for existing HVAC systems. By incorporating the tech into the company’s latest purifier, the HALO-LED utilizes dual ionizers that minimize unwanted air particles. With REME, there’s a 99% chance of killing viruses on surfaces.

The Real Deal

This purifier has an ionized hydro-peroxide output, so you can expect faster microbial kill rates. In fact, the HALO-LED stops 99% of sneeze germs before they’ve traveled 3 feet. It stops a greater number of particulates than similar systems, offering relief to sufferers of respiratory issues.

A Highly Regarded System

Proven effective against microbial growth, HALO-LED works in U.S. military field hospitals. Food processing plants have the green light from the FDA, USDA and FSIS to apply this solution. It’s become a go-to in the hospitality industry and commercial office buildings, too.

With that background, we definitely think the HALO-LED is ready for your home. No enclosed space is immune to polluted air. The right system for your home is about good, clean air to ensure your comfort, health and quality of life.

We want everyone to know about the latest products for cooling and heating your environments. Call Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning for repairs, maintenance and advice on innovative and affordable home comfort in Modena Island, GA. We’d appreciate the opportunity to let our pros find you an in-home solution.

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