We’re often asked, “When should air ducts be cleaned?” There isn’t a single answer to this question. We can tell you air ducts do not need to be cleaned frequently. Cleaning the ducts is something we recommend in a handful of specific circumstances. That being said, it’s important your ducts are inspected regularly to ensure they’re in good shape.

Here are examples of when air ducts should be cleaned to enhance your system’s efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

  1. New construction. If you’re moving into a newly constructed home, have an HVAC technician take a look in your duct system. Construction debris, including wood powder, textile lint, dust, etc. can collect in the ducts throughout the construction. Most contractors don’t include the duct system when they schedule the move-in cleaning. All that construction debris will begin to recirculate through your system and into your home.
  2. After a remodel. Similarly, a newly remodeled home benefits from a professional duct cleaning to remove any debris that has settled in the ducts. Make sure to check your filters as well. Even new filters may require a replacement if the HVAC system was used during the remodeling .
  3. Pest infestation. Ducts make an ideal home for rodents and other pests. The air is temperature controlled year-round and there is very little human activity. If you recently experienced a pest infestation, have your ducts inspected for signs of waste, nests, and/or dead bodies and make sure they’re sealed tight.
  4. Mold. If you’ve had problems with excess moisture in your home, or have seen signs of mold, such as dark spots around ceilings, wall corners, grilles or vents, have your ducts inspected. Recirculating mold spores can cause serious respiratory problems. We can also recommend dehumidifying solutions to keep mold and mildew in check.
  5. Allergies. Should air ducts be cleaned if you have allergies? The verdict is still out. However, if you suffer from allergies and a duct inspection reveals debris, a cleaning may keep small particles from exacerbating your allergies.

Wondering if the air ducts should be cleaned in your Savannah home? Contact the experts at Byrd Heating & Air Conditioning.

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