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Like anything in life, your HVAC system should be well taken care of to ensure its optimal operation and to extend its service life for as long as possible. Smart homeowners realize how important regular maintenance is, but even the best intentions can easily get lost in a busy person’s long to-do list. An annual HVAC maintenance plan can help you stay on top of your system’s care, and comes with perks and discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Learn more about such preventative maintenance plans and how they can benefit you.

6 Reasons For Having an Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan


The U.S. Department of Energy advises having your HVAC system looked at twice every year, ideally in the fall and spring, before the busy heating and cooling seasons start. With an annual HVAC maintenance plan, your system is guaranteed to receive the TLC it needs, and you should:Air Conditioning Repairman 3

  1. Save money on your monthly energy bills because your system will run more efficiently.
  2. Have an HVAC system that lasts as long as possible since problems are taken care of before causing serious damage.
  3. Receive discounts on service calls – one of the best perks of the plan!
  4. Prevent untimely repair jobs because your system will be given the green light before the heating and cooling season even starts. This not only means you’ll be prepared to use your HVAC system when it’s needed, but also means you’ll increase your chances of avoiding spending money on repair work.
  5. Get preferred scheduling on all extra services you require.
  6. Restore lost capacity with your air conditioner and avoid discomfort on the hottest days of the summer.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning for more information or to set up your annual HVAC maintenance plan.

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