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Bryan County, GA

Bryan County, GA Air Conditioning Repair & Service

In order to enjoy everything that Bryan County, GA, has to offer, you need to stay comfortable. At Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing for the HVAC needs of residential customers throughout Bryan County. Our professional, friendly technicians can install, maintain, and repair your air conditioning and heating systems. We’re also proud to offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient home heating and cooling solutions designed to help you control energy costs. You can make the most out of living in this beautiful Georgian community by ensuring that you are comfortable inside your home and place of business.

Area History and Geography

Bryan County, GA, was incorporated in 1793. The county was named for Jonathan Bryan, who landed in present-day Georgia with James Oglethorpe. Bryan was a local hero because he had been one of the first colonists to speak out again oppression by the British government. Pembroke has been the county seat since 1937.

The north end of Bryan County is composed primarily of small towns while the south end of Bryan County boasts coastal properties and upscale communities. Bryan County is generally considered a part of the larger Savannah metropolitan area. The county is seeing strong population and business growth, especially in the coastal Richmond Hills area.

The People of Bryan County

According to the latest census, approximately 30,000 individuals call Bryan County, GA, home. The majority of employees in the county work for private farms or in tourism. Though most of Bryan County’s residents are natives of the South, individuals from all over the U.S., Europe, and Latin America have begun to call the quaint communities of Bryan County home.

Entertainment, Attractions, and Recreation

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy plenty of recreation and entertainment options in Bryan County GA. In addition to local entertainment options, many individuals make the short drive to Savannah to enjoy live jazz and blues music in the city’s many small venues. Bryan County is home to the Ogeechee Seafood Festival, an exciting annual event that combines live music and a carnival-like atmosphere with some of the best seafood in the South.

Those individuals who want to explore the beautiful natural areas surrounding Bryan County GA can head out on the Green Creek Trail or take advantage of the many water recreation opportunities that the county offers. Visitors who want to learn more about area history will enjoy visiting Fort McAllister State Park, the location of a key Confederate earthwork. Many different Civil War sites can be found throughout Bryan County and the surrounding areas. Of course, the Ford Plantation is a favorite with visitors and residents who want to enjoy relaxed, upscale living.

Climate and Weather Conditions

Thanks to its coastal location, much of Bryan County enjoys temperate winters and summer temperatures in the low 90s. Inland locations may experience slightly warmer summers. The humidity throughout Bryan County can be above 60 percent year round and may take visitors who are accustomed to dry climates by surprise. Residents and visitors alike may find that they are more comfortable spending the early afternoon hours during the summer in cool, air conditioned buildings.

Bryan County, GA

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