If you are an asthma sufferer, or have regular hay fever attacks, you might already know that eliminating springtime allergens from your Bluffton, South Carolina, home can help you manage your condition.

In the spring, you will find many allergens that can make your condition worse, and making sure you are surrounded by fresh, clean, and healthy air can be challenging. From dust to pet hair to pollen from trees and flowers, there are different air pollutants that can affect your health and trigger respiratory illnesses. Learn these four tips to help reduce allergens in your home.

Vacuum Using a HEPA Filter

It is important you use a HEPA filter vacuum regularly all year long. But in the spring, pay special attention by moving the furniture to get rid of the dust mites hiding in the corner or under the bed. Set your focus on the ceiling, the walls, and the rugs. You might want to also shampoo your carpets to eliminate dust and to repel bugs and fleas brought inside by pets.

Air Out Rooms Regularly

You always need fresh air in the house, but in the springtime, open the windows in the morning and at night, never in the daytime. When it is windy, and fresh pollen mixes with CO2, you are more likely to get an asthma attack than at night when the dew is already settled on the plants and flowers.

Clear Air Filters and Air Ducts

It is important that your HVAC system is maintained regularly. Consult a heating and air conditioning professional to make sure there are no allergens trapped in your ducts and in the air filters.

Wash Your Curtains and Upholstery

You might think your curtains and upholstery are fine, and that they don’t collect dust and pollen. You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, dust can settle higher up, not only on the floor. Use a steam cleaner to kill dust mites, and shampoo your upholstery in the spring.

If you need help maintaining the air quality in your home, get in touch with us at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, or call the 24/7 helpline at 912-373-8447.

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