During the spring and summer months, home humidity issues in the Savannah area are very likely to arise. These issues can adversely affect your family’s level of home comfort and the performance of your HVAC system. Since removing humidity is one of the most essential functions of your air conditioner, it’s only natural that this dynamic can have a cumulative effect on your HVAC unit.

In the past, we’ve discussed the finer points of ensuring proper humidity in the home. As a refresher, we created the infographic below to run through all the major things you need to know about Savannah’s humid and subtropical climate, how your AC unit works to fight it, and how to get optimal results from your unit at this time of year.

And when you’re finished checking out our shiny new infographic, consider our indoor air quality services and products to help get your home’s humidity under control before it gets really hot and humid this spring and summer.

How Savannah's High Humidity Makes Your AC Sweat

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